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Welcome to Glowing Eyes, Geoffrey & Christy Wenger's home page. We just recently registered this site, so there's not much here yet. Christy's email is cwenger at glowingeyes.com, and Geoffrey's is geoff at glowingeyes.com (substitute @ for at, this is just a very quick and dirty way for us to try to avoid spam).

About Christy M. Wenger...

Christy is a health administration whiz who would be a great asset to any hospital or health insurance company, particularly in the Pittsburgh area. Here's Christy's resume.

About Geoffrey C. Wenger...

I am a Senior Software Engineer at QUALCOMM. I currently primarily work on the Windows version of Eudora, which is an incredibly powerful yet easy to use email client for Windows, Macintosh, and Palm (please excuse this blatant plug). I also do some Macintosh programming, which was the OS that inspired my current obsession with computers. These days I'm pretty much platform agnostic, which is to say I think each platform has it's good and bad points (the pesimistic side of me would say they all suck in their own unique way ;-). I even harbor some love for UNIX - I was infected with the UNIX bug while a college and graduate student.