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I'm a huge fan of Palm OS PDA's - I think they're a great blend of design, simplicity, and functionality at the right price. The best online magazine that I've found for Palm's is: Palm Power Online Magazine.


Computer programming is an exciting combination of problem solving and creativity, although people contact is often limited so it's not necessarily the best career for extroverts. Here's a great article about the personality types of programmers by Steve McConnell: "Orphans Preferred"


I'm a Presbyterian by upbringing and preference. I have attended several churches, but two are particularly dear to me. I grew up attending, and my parents still attend, Market Square Presbyterian Church in Harrisburg, PA. Christy and I recently joined Northmont United Presbyterian Church, where we had been visiting. The hospitality and friendship that the congregation extended were overwhelming. We quickly felt at home, so much so that when asked we both agreed to serve on committees as a response to God's love and calling.